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I heard snippets of this story as I drove home from dropping the girls at school the other day.  Someone said they saw Jimmy Hoffa’s body being buried under a shed somewhere in Detroit in 1975 and the hunt was on.  The shed removed, the earth dug up, soil samples taken and sent to a lab for analysis because they didn’t actually find any bones or other obvious items.  One detective said that he thinks it is highly unlikely anyone would have been stupid enough to bury someone in a residential neighborhood and erect a shed over the site, but they spent the time and money to investigate it anyway.


Who authorizes this shit?

Who decided that the resources of the police department, including the lab personnel, ought to be put to this use?  In a city rife with violence – some of the worst in the country – that anyone would deem it more important to spend God knows how much  money and time digging up someone’s yard chasing ghosts instead of putting those resources to use in the community, either on ACTIVE, RELEVANT cases or on PREVENTION of further violence is beyond me.

I say let the urban myths remain. We have more important work to do and it doesn’t involve solving nearly 40-year old mysteries like this.