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Close your eyes. Think of a time when you felt loved. Describe it. Does it feel warm and sunny? Bright yellow? Or exciting and fireworks-on-the-4th-of-July? Does it feel peaceful and calm and restful and solid? Brand new and rocket-to-the-moon?

Now think of a time when you were consumed by hatred. Can you feel the closing-in happening? The colors darkening? The expansive becoming small, focused, pivotal and driven?
Whatever your experiences of these two emotions, I’m betting they have marked differences. I’m betting they elicit vastly unique sets of feelings in your physical body, and it bears some exploration to decipher them. Hatred can feel powerful and single-minded and those things are intoxicating. Love is more nebulous and hard to pin down and exists in so many different forms.
Maybe that’s why it wins. Hate is an easy target that is easily defined. Love can come at it from all sides with so many different tactics and, while it doesn’t feel as strong or invincible as hatred, maybe that’s part of its secret. Make no mistake: love beats hate.
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