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When I decided to leave my paying job, I was looking for something that would keep my hand in writing. Preferably something with a deadline and an editor, so that I could be kept on a short leash and didn’t wander off to fill my days with mothering and other things not related to writing. I found it at Feminist Review. Every other month, I get to choose my top five new books/CDs/movies from a list of just released items, and they choose two for me to review. I have just completed my first two reviews and they’ve been posted on the site. Please take a minute to hop on over there and read them. This site is dedicated to providing a clear, honest look at how new media affect and illustrate the lives of women all over the world. If you love to buy books, watch movies, listen to music, or hit the theatre scene, there is undoubtedly an intelligent look at some of the things you might consider soon on the site. They post new reviews every day.

This month I reviewed “Forced to Care” and “Female Nomad and Friends,” two nonfiction books that are pretty spectacular. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Deb Shucka
    Deb Shucka says:

    This is so awesome for you. Not a bit surprising, but I'm really really proud of you. On my way to read. I hope you're taking the time to celebrate appropriately.


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