Happy Birthday, Maya Angelou!


I have been lucky to see Maya Angelou speak a few times in my life. Three times, I have written about her on this blog. I truly believe her life is a precious gift for so many people and I wish her a very, very happy birthday.

Here are links to my previous posts about this amazing woman.

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I'll never forget the time I saw her in Los Angeles right after she'd won the Presidential Medal — it was sublime and she was a goddess.

  2. fullsoulahead.com
    fullsoulahead.com says:

    I saw her years ago and came face to face with her as she was leaving the venue. I said, Thank you. She said, You're welcome. That was all.

    I just read Mom & Me & Mom. Loved it. It almost read like a blog to me. A different style than most of her books.


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