My girls are addicted to the show “Cupcake Wars.” Bubba is not much of a fan. He claims to be disinterested, but I think it is just that every episode makes him crave cupcakes and, given that he lives with three gluten-intolerant women, he’s not likely to get one anytime soon. Last night we all sat down to watch an episode I taped several weeks ago. Bubba only agreed to watch the show with us because it constituted ‘family time.’
As the first four contestants were being introduced, Bubba was finishing up some work on his laptop and just listening to the commentary. When the final contestant began talking and it was clear he was a man, Bubba folded the top down on his computer to watch intently. The man was a very large, physically fit African American who looked as though he might be more comfortable wearing a Dallas Cowboys uniform than an apron. Big, thick neck, broad shoulders, deep voice. Formidable. Bubba turned to me.
“Not exactly what I expected.”
Lola didn’t take any notice. He pressed on.
“So, girls. What would you think if I spent my days baking cupcakes instead of running a consulting business? Would that make you feel differently about me?”
Lola barely twitched.
“That question doesn’t even make sense, Dad. Is a boy butterfly any less male than a boy tiger?”
I haven’t seen Bubba smile that big in a long time.
Photo courtesy of Cupcake Wars
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  1. Katie Moore
    Katie Moore says:

    I just had a quick question in regards to your website. If you could email me at your convenience that would be great!


  2. Alicia D
    Alicia D says:

    HOly crap, she rocks! I couldn't even think of an answer that good as a grown adult!

    btw, my girls love cupcake wars too 🙂

  3. Sandi
    Sandi says:

    That Lola! What a great mind she has, and quick wit. Thanks for visiting today (or maybe last night!)

    Yeah, I'm kind of letting the illness run it's course, allowing myself to be a couch potato, and now that the headache is mostly gone, rewarding myself with a little blog catching up!!


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